According to the memoirs of the President of the society "Russia-Norway", academician, Professor of VGIK, member of the Union of cinematographers of Russia Valentina Yakovlevna Orlova.

As a six-year-old girl in 1941, she made the unthinkable journey from occupied Estonia to besieged Moscow. Alone, without parents.
How did these children may to surviving, how did they survive?... 
War through the eyes of a child who grows up in war, but retains everything childish, pure and guileless.

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Director Maxim Kuznetsov

Biography and selected filmography

Maxim Kuznetsov was born on 13.07.1960 in the village of Min-Kush in the Tien Shan region of the Kyrgyz SSR. Member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation. Academician of the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio. Member of the Guild of Non-fiction Films and Television. Member of the Russian Geographical society. In 2011, he became one of the initiators of the film project "On the roads and off-road history". Director, screenwriter, producer and operator of the Contrast film Studio.

2021 - On the Road of Friendship of Peoples
2021 - I will Return to the Rocky Shores
2020 - General
2020 - We Played the Gardener…
2019 - Battle for Moscow
2019 - The Khibiny mountains. On roads and off-road history
2018 - Era of dream creators
2018 - For all the will of Novgorod
2018 - The Arctic-Antarctic. Request stop
2017 - Writer's company
2017 - The people's War. Militia
2017 - The Great Russian Northern Way
2016 - White Silence
2016 - Red City
2016 - Learn to Survive
2016 - The Platform
2015 - Plague. Chronicles of the Third Reich
2014 - Born Free. In the Footsteps of the Caucasian Mounted Division
2013 - Yamal. National Treasure
2012 - The Year 1812. The Right to be Called Invincible
2012 - War over the Arctic Circle

Reviews of the film

"Maxim, good day!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the film. Looked. I was impressed. Unexpected for me reception of connection of documentary shots, voice of actors and effect of art cinema. Strongly.
With respect, 
Andrey Merzlikin"

"Strong movie! I enjoyed it immensely. I haven't experienced such emotions in a long time. The chronicle became a living, breathing canvas. Thank you, Maxim, for this picture! You've discovered a new format for documentaries! This principle will be repeated by many, but you will be the first! A picture that makes you want to be silent...
Victoria Evseenkova"

"Struck by the novelty of the language.
Svetlana Pavlovskaya"

"A luxurious movie worthy of several views! Bravo, Maxim!
Alevtina Gubacheva"

"Dear Maxim!

Thank you for the movie. I've already watched it three times and left the hall three times in tears. You are a very talented Director. Your painting has become a real monument to all children who survived the war.

Tatyana Bulkina"

"Maxim, thank you for the memory. It turns out I didn't really know anything about you... The very rare case when - " no words needed, let's just be silent... "You have already said everything you wanted to say to this generation with your film. And this is an act.
Maria Romanova"

"Great movie! I recommend viewing it!
Lily Barnashova"

"An amazing picture that reveals the subtle inner nature of our soul. I wish you a great festival (and not only) success!
Roman Dikhtyar"

"Congratulations! A wonderful movie, a wonderful team!!!

Anastasia Polyakova"

"The film made a very strong impression on me. You Did A Great Job. Thank you again and God grant you new opportunities to create like this.
Sergey Averin"

"The film is unusual and true, sharply different from modern films about the war. There is nothing stereotypical in it, it is a very individual work, in which there is no place for a stamp, but there is a personal, living, authentic life; there is something that the Director lived together with his heroine. Thank you to the Director and his heroine - Valentina Yakovlevna Orlova!
Svetlana Lapshina"